A Sound Gift for Fathers’ Day – Razer Kraken Headset Review

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razer-kraken-7-1-gallery-3I have written many reviews for headphones in my years here at GeekDad.com. Even though I have used the same pair of Steelseries Diablo III headphones personally for a few years, I still enjoying trying different new headphones and comparing them to sets I have previously tried. After reviewing a new pair thoroughly, I send them to the stress tester – also know as my 10 year old gamer son.

My son does not have a pair of desktop speakers, just headphones, and he wears them constantly. Sometimes he will unplug them from the computer and wear them to dinner – then straight back to a marathon Minecraft session. Needless to say, he is tough on headphones. My review unit hand-me-downs range in durability with him from about four to six months.

razer-kraken-7-1-gallery-7Lately he has been eyeing my brand new Razer Kraken 7.1 headset, and I cannot blame him. Razer, in my opinion, almost always done a great job with building an attractive product. The Kraken are no different. They light up with their trademark neon green snake pattern whenever in use. Very much like the bright red that my Diablo III headset previously did before the mic went out on them, but to be fair, they did last nearly 3 years. I could go on about how great these headphones look, but just check out the pictures. The Razer Kraken also have the regular features that you would expect in higher end headsets: telescoping mic, they fold up for storage and are USB powered.

The real importance is how they sound, right? Well, they are great at that too. I have no idea how Razer can simulate pure 7.1 surround with two ear speakers, but they do. In most of the new games out now, enemies can be heard ahead on your left, right or even behind you. After installing the Razer Synapse Configurator software, they set up with ease. The Configurator software runs through all the test patterns to make sure that the sound is set up to your liking. There are all kinds of tech speak that Razer lists about the frequency and dB levels it runs on, but the main thing to know is that they sound better than any other set you can pickup at an electronics retailer. In fact, my only complaint is that they are USB, so I can’t use them with my iPhone.

The Razer Synapse Configurator software also runs any other Razer products that might be attached. It was nice to see that one system resource footprint ran both my headset and my old Razer Nostromer Gamer Pad.

Overall, I love these headphones and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I just hope to be able to hang on to them without them losing them to my geeklet. However, if I do pass them on, I know that he will appreciate them. The way they are formed and padded makes wearing them for extended periods of time, a great comfort.

Jake Razer
My son “borrowing” my Razer Kraken Headset
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