The Wil Wheaton Project Debuts Tonight!

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Here at GeekDad, we’ve been fans of actor and geeky dad Wil Wheaton for a long time; we’ve considered him an honorary GeekDad since the very early days of the blog. Heck, if you’ve been reading us for long enough, you might remember this:

We’ve followed his career on this blog from the release of his book The Happiest Days of Our Lives, through his voiceover work (Blue Beetle FTW!), the founding of Wootstock, Eureka, Big Bang Theory, Tabletop, and so much more. Indeed, if you search on “Wil Wheaton” in the GeekDad archives, you’ll get 189 results – the most of any person about whom we write. We even started a webcomic based on his tweets (and using a LEGO minifig wearing his famous clown sweater) once:
We take a certain personal pride in the success of someone we consider one of our own. Which is why we’re so happy to see the next stage in Wil’s ongoing trek to the stars (ahem): The Wil Wheaton Project.

The show premieres tonight on the Syfy channel at 10pm (9pm Central). It’s a half-hour laugh-filled commentary on the week’s sci-fi/fantasy news, and promises to hit all the requisite geek/nerd buttons as only Wil can. We’re so happy for Wil to get this opportunity (more accurately: to work really hard, and be a really nice guy who earned the chance to do this). Please tune in and help our favorite geeky dad rule the timeslot!

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