Nat Geo’s ‘Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory’ Premieres for Disney+ Day

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National Geographic is famous for its photography of people and nature around the world. As the over 130 year-old society has leapt from the printed page to video, the quality of its productions continues to impress and amaze. National Geographic explorers travel the world  in order to take us to fascinating and sometimes dangerous places via our living room or personal device. Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory is the latest series to be released.

What Is Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory?

Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory is a nature documentary series hosted by Bertie Gregory, who is also the director of photography. The season consists of 5 unique episodes, the first of which premieres on Disney+ beginning on September 8th for as part of the Disney+ Day celebration. Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory  is produced by Wildstar Films for National Geographic. Executive producers are Vanessa Berlowitz and Anwar Momon. Let’s take a look at what you can expect in each episode:

‘Eagle’s Reign’

Every year up to 10 million fruit bats descend upon a small, remote forest in Zambia to take full advantage of a fruit boom—but they don’t go unnoticed by the local eagles. Bertie captures some footage a crowned eagle mom and her chick, then sets off to film these powerful predators hunting bats.

‘Dolphin Quest’

Bertie travels to the mighty Pacific Ocean off the coast of Central America. He’s on a quest to find and film one of the greatest spectacles the high seas have to offer—a superpod of several thousand spinner dolphins. Searching in the largest wilderness on Earth isn’t easy and Bertie has some great encounters with other animals along the way. 

‘Battle of the Beasts’

Bertie and his team are in Zambia, Africa, trying to film a rare moment when a pride of lions takes on one of their most formidable foes – the mighty cape buffalo.

Bertie with lions
A lion from the Mwamba pride walks closely past Bertie’s filming vehicle. (Credit: National Geographic for Disney+/Samson Moyo)

‘Shark Island’

Bertie and his team film one of the biggest schools of sharks ever as hundreds of hammerheads join in a mysterious underwater dance. To get close to these super-sensitive sharks, Bertie will have to dive in stealth mode.

‘Tracking Ocean Giants’

Bertie leads a team across the infamous Drake Passage, one of the world’s most dangerous stretches of ocean, to the remote and windswept Elephant Island. Here is finds and films a feeding aggregation involving hundreds of gigantic fin whales, the second largest animal ever to have lived.

fin whale
A fin whale during feeding. (Credit: National Geographic/Bertie Gregory for Disney+)

Why You Should See Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory

I continue to be amazed at the quality of National Geographic’s shows. Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory takes viewers to some of the more extreme places on earth. Bertie is not afraid to get right into the action in order to photograph footage of animals that most people have never seen before. While filming the whales, Bertie has an encounter with a leopard seal which tries to take a bite of his camera. In other episodes, he is swimming with a lot of hammerhead sharks or surrounded by fish in a feeding ball created by dolphins. In addition to getting right in the middle of the action, Bertie also uses drones to get some great aerial footage. I enjoy seeing how the team gets some of their amazing shots. In Zambia while filming the lions, they have a large camera mouted to the front of their vehicle which lets them follow animals as they move around while staying at a distance from them so they are not disturbed. I highly recommend watching Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory. It is not only entertaining, but also educational. I learned quite a bit watching the five episodes and will be using some parts of it in my science class to help reinforce concepts we are studying. Furthermore, the cinematography is incredible. While you can watch it on a small device, I suggest a large screen HD television so you can really appreciate it.  

Be sure to watch Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory when it begins streaming on Disney+ beginning Thursday, September 8th as part of Disney+ Day. Here is a trailer for the series.


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