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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Brilliant.
There are no prerequisites for being a GeekDad. I mean, sure, there’s the “dad” part—meaning caregiver—and the “geek” part—meaning, more than anything, a passion for one’s interests—but as a community, we come from all backgrounds. We are artists and makers, scientists and educators, designers and engineers. But one thing that we do have in common is that we’re all lifelong learners. That brings me nicely to our latest sponsor, Brilliant.

Brilliant is an interactive online platform that helps users master concepts in math, science, and engineering by solving fun (but challenging) problems. Its community is over 5 million members strong, and its mission—to cultivate curiosity in an environment that allows for failure to spark newer, deeper questions—is one any GeekDad can certainly get behind.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be exploring a number of Brilliant courses that highlight concepts and skillsets that anyone can find useful, no matter their individual personal or professional slant.

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First up, let’s explore the bedrock upon which all learning is based, logic.

This Logic course explores the often-intimidating notion of truth through reason in an engaging, entertaining, and self-paced manner. You’ll begin with simple exercises before exploring famous logic puzzles, eventually using this foundation to explore the application of machine (computational) logic.

Brilliant’s uniquely approachable puzzles, exercises, and animations will help you “think like a logician, organize your thoughts like a lawyer, and make rigorous arguments like a scientist.” Best of all, you can begin this journey to a more logical, well reasoned you for free right now at Brilliant.

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