These Days

These Days by Jack Cheng on Sale This Week

These Days
These Days by Jack Cheng

A couple years ago I backed a Kickstarter project for a novel by some author I’d never heard of named Jack Cheng. He’d posted an excerpt, and something about it just struck a chord with me: These Days is about technology and relationships. I got a dead-tree version because that seemed appropriate, and I really loved the story and Cheng’s writing—but even before the book arrived, his updates on Kickstarter about the process of writing and publishing were fantastic, and since then I’ve also been following his “Sunday Dispatch” weekly newsletters (sign up at his website).

Last summer the 24-Hour Bookclub tackled These Days, but if you didn’t read it then, here’s a second chance: the Kindle version is on sale for only 99 cents this week. (The sale started on Tuesday, and runs for a week, so don’t dawdle.) It’s a great read and really makes you think about your relationship with your gadgets.

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