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Metamorphosis Alpha Collector’s Edition — Kickstarter Ending!

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Just a quick note to remind any of you who might be on the fence about the Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter project that it’s ending in less than seven days. What started out as a simple attempt to raise $30,000 has crossed over to a rush for a number of last-minute stretch goals that the team at Goodman Games has been adding that come with no additional costs.

As it stands right now, anyone backing the project to receive the over-sized hardback edition of the Metamorphosis Alpha Collector’s Edition will also receive a number of add-ons that include:

* Free PDF of the original MA rules
* Free GM screen
* Free poster map of the Warden (the ship where MA adventures take place)
* Free 32-page Monster and Device Guide (from MA author James Ward)
* Free extra adventure (in addition to the one that comes with the book)
* Free d6 dice — six in all, with radiation symbols
* Free illustrated player handouts — minimum of 16 handouts

As the project winds down, additional stretch goals that haven’t yet been reached (but are anticipated) include another free booklet (The Starship Warden Armory), a re-print of an original MA adventure titled The Long Hard Mile and another booklet, The Mutation Manual. If these stretch goals are met, the Goodman Games folks say they might be able to squeeze in a few more stretch goals. I’m amazed at how many stretch goals they’ve agreed to provide in addition to the incredible hardback book they’re assembling that includes not only the original rules but dozens of supplementary articles, interviews, design notes, and more. For those of us who have fond memories of this amazing sci-fi RPG, this Kickstarter is going to be a much-enjoyed trip down memory lane as well as a great chance to introduce the game to a new audience.

Note: You can read my original post regarding the Metamorphosis Alpha Collector’s Edition Kickstarter here.

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  1. By the way, all three of the stretch goals mentioned above have been met: the James M. Ward solo adventure, the Mutations Manual, and the Warden Armory. There are even more bonus goodies on the Stretch Goal list, and 3 days left to get in on this growing stash of gaming material.

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