The Gamification of Car Buying Thanks to Jimmy Fallon and His Ford F-150

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The Final Three Contestants, Image: Ford
The Final Three Contestants, Image: Ford

Gamification is the idea of taking the skills and mechanics of playing games and applying them to other areas of life. It might be how you solve a problem in an office environment at work, helping kids learn, or if you’re Jimmy Fallon, it’s deciding who’s going to sell you a new Ford F-150.

Jimmy Fallon is something of a geeky guy in the most sweet and charming way possible and when he recently decided that he wanted to buy a truck, the auto manufacturers all went just a little giddy. Each wanted Fallon to go home in one of their trucks and all manner of persuasion was used to convince him which was best.

In the end, Jimmy Fallon proved he’s a Ford man and opted for a Ford F-150 King Ranch which has all the can-do of a truck and all the pretty of a sedan. It’s a slick vehicle. Once he chose the vehicle, he then had to choose a dealer and this is where the gamification of car buying happens.

There isn’t a car dealer in the country that wouldn’t bend over backward to sell Fallon his new truck, and that’s darn close to what he’s making them do to prove their worth. Right this very moment, some of the top Ford sales consultants in the country are standing on the deck of the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum with one hand firmly placed on a Ford F-150. The last man or woman standing gets the privilege of selling Fallon a truck.

The whole thing is being broadcast via live feed and you can see the remaining consultants out there, looking a little chilly with their hands clutching a shiny, white F-150.

There’s even an official hashtag #fingersona4x4 and an official blog where you can find out more about the contestants. Those who lose their grip get a giant “OUT” stamped on their picture for good measure.

This might be the best gamification of any process ever. Just imagine, no more sitting in a chair at a desk while numbers get crunched and your day slips away. Instead, line up all those sales people, have them put a hand on the car you want, and start the clock.

The gamification of car-buying is here and we have Jimmy Fallon to thank!

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