Amazon Acquires Comixology


Yesterday’s big news — at least for folks who are fans of drawings with words — concerned’s acquisition of digital comics platform Comixology. The open letter to readers from co-founder David Steinberger didn’t exactly get into the finer points of the deal, but it did specifically mention Amazon’s wildly successful Kindle e-reader line and the fact that Comixology “will retain its identity as an Amazon subsidiary.”

Honestly, I’ve only recently started exploring Comixology in earnest, as I’m more a Marvel Unlimited kinda guy, but over the last few weeks their steady stream of impressive sales and unparalleled customer service has kept me coming back. Often.

While it’s too early to tell if this move will ultimately benefit Amazon, Comixology, the comic book-buying public or all/none of the above, I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m a big fan of Amazon and, as I mentioned above, Comixology has made a quick and highly positive impression on me personally.

But just because I refuse to delve too deeply into theory and conjecture doesn’t mean you can’t. Feel free to share your own two cents in the comments below.

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