Kickstarter Alert: MERCS Recon – Cooperative Squad Based Board Game

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The folks over at Megacon Games have just announced the official Kickstarter for their new cooperative board game MERCS Recon. This is the same team that created the MERCS tabletop skirmish game and the MYTH cooperative fantasy adventure board game. Their attention to detail, play testing, and unique game mechanics allows for a really enjoyable gaming experience.


Their stretch goals have always been really good and with the huge success of their MYTH Kickstarter (shipped!) I have no doubt this will be equally successful.

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3 thoughts on “Kickstarter Alert: MERCS Recon – Cooperative Squad Based Board Game

  1. I just got my Myth core set in the mail yesterday. Looks amazing! I heard there are some issues with the rule book, but the community is hashing them out in their forum. I’m going to try my first walk through this weekend.

    1. I’ve had my media copy for a month now and played a dozen games now – FANTASTIC game. I’m working on a full review and will have my game-play walkthrough video wrapped up shortly. Now that people have their copies arriving I’m going to shoot to have that completed this weekend.

  2. I played Myth this week with my regular game group. There does seem to be a very interesting game in there (the card play, specifically), but the rule book is unforgivably poorly written/edited. It’s among the worst I’ve ever seen.

    There seems to be a disheartening trend among Kickstarter games wherein they rely on buyers of the first edition to handle the beta testing. Gee, thank you for the honor.

    I much would have preferred that they invest in hiring an experienced rules editor—I believe the designers’ wives are credited as editors—rather than include superfluous bits like the admittedly cool, but totally unnecessary and slightly unreadable, metal character tokens.

    (sigh) As much as MERCS Recon looks really great, based on my Myth experience, I guess I’ll just have to wait until the 2nd edition of MERCS Recon gets released. 🙁

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