Disney Trip: Frozen!

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FROZEN Box ArtToday, March 18, the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Video of Disney’s latest Oscar-winning animated film—Frozenis released. One of the reasons Disney brought me out to Disney Studios last month was to give me a preview of the film. I chatted with the directors, writer, and producer of the film, I played with the rigging software used to animate the film, and I even got to record a voiceover for Olaf in the Disney Animated Studios sound booth.

The film itself is fantastic: the best Disney animated film in years. I took my entire family to see it in the theater, and the kids have been asking about the Blu-Ray release constantly since then. The moment it arrived, they watched every bit of it. The extra features include:

  • The animated short “Get A Horse,” which showed in the theater before the film.
  • The Making of Frozen. Stars Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff take you on a musical tour of Disney Animation Studios.
  • D’frosted: Disney’s Journey From Hans Christian Anderson to Frozen: Frozen was in development for years, and this bit tells you all about how it finally made it to the screen.
  • A number of deleted scenes. These are shown via storyboards and roughs rather than full animation.
  • Videos for “Let It Go” in English (by Demi Lovato), Spanish, Italian, and Malaysian.
  • The original teaser trailer.

It’s a fantastic package, and if your house is like mine—in which the film will get watched over and over—it’s worth every penny. Grab the Frozen Blu-Ray as soon as you can.

To celebrate the release, Disney sent me the videos of me recording dialog for Olaf in their recording studio. Here I am doing the actual work:

And here’s the final result. It was wild fun, although Josh Gad (the original voice of Olaf) is in no danger of losing his job to me.

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