Beta Test Invite to LegacyBuilder – a Secure Photo and Video Sharing Site for Families

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The start of our LegacyBuilder timeline.
The start of our LegacyBuilder timeline.

This is a sponsored post by the folks at LegacyBuilder, who are looking for tech-savvy geek-parents to join their site, help them kick the tires, and get it ready for prime time, all in exchange for a free, lifetime account with 25GB storage! I’ve already started setting up my own site, and it’s a breeze. The feature I think is most compelling is the ability to set up video timecapsules that you can have delivered to family members in the future. Check it out!

So, what exactly IS LegacyBuilder?

LegacyBuilder is where you can connect your social media accounts to share your photos and videos, automatically creating your life’s timeline, and ultimately telling your story and leaving your legacy.

Just a few of the things you can do with LegacyBuilder

  • Load your media from the bazillion places it is scattered on the internet so it can be organized into a timeline for you.
  • Set up pages for each of your kids so grandma can see their awesome superhero themed birthday party.
  • Create a message for your spouse and set it to open next week, next year, or many years from now, telling her how much you love her.
  • Leave advice for your kids in a digital time capsule about why they should never leave home without a towel.

How Do You Get Started?

  1. Go sign up (don’t forget our special promo code GEEKDAD1)
  2. Answer a few questions about you and your family (all private!)
  3. Load your photos and videos

Done. LegacyBuilder will automatically set up events on a timeline that tells your story based on your answers and the info in the photos you load. The more photos and videos you load, the more events are created. Then, you connect to the rest of the family on LegacyBuilder and see each other’s events and timelines. You can even set up pages for your kids to keep track of all their milestones and events separately (and when they’re older they can take over telling their own stories).

The site is still in Beta, so we expect to see a lot of growth coming soon. Get in early and be one of the first to sign up. Just use code GEEKDAD1 to secure your free lifetime premium accout, up to 25 GB

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13 thoughts on “Beta Test Invite to LegacyBuilder – a Secure Photo and Video Sharing Site for Families

  1. It worked but only gave me 10gb, which is fine being it’s free and more than Dropbox so many thanks!

    1. Hi Bub! We’ve had a bug on a few accounts (pardon our Beta!!) that shows only 10GB when there is the full premium, 25GB available. Our team is working on a solution! Email us at if you have any questions or need help with your account. Thanks! ~Amelia (your friendly LegacyBuilder Customer Support)

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