Kitten bouquet

GeekDad Gift Guide — Valentine’s Day Edition

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Valentine’s Day is here once again, and if you’re struggling a bit to figure out what to get that special person in your life (geek or not), some of the GeekDads have assembled a short list of ideas for your consideration. Of course, we welcome your own suggestions in the comment section. There’s plenty of time left (almost two full weeks) so don’t wait until the last minute!

Plush Kitten Bouquet

Kitten bouquet

Nothing says “Be My Valentine” quite like a bouquet of nine plush kittens from our friends at ThinkGeek. Each kitten comes with its own stem — detachable, of course, for extra snuggliness. (Tom Fassbender)

Ice King with Ricardio

Ice King

If your significant other has a thing for collectables and Adventure Time – And who doesn’t?! – this 5″ Ice King action figure is a fun and inexpensive way to dress up his/her cubicle. The princess-loving malcontent also comes with Ricardio the Heart Guy, a character that loses a few nerd romance points for not being shaped like an actual heart, but gains a billion simply for being voiced by the great George Takei. (Z.)

Weighted Companion Cube Plushie


Nothing says “unconditional love” quite like Aperture Science’s own Weighted Companion Cube. Its rugged construction will remind you that your relationship has survived many a terrible fall, incinerator mishap or even the occasional volley of turret fire, while its decorative hearts and delightfully squishable design will encourage you to lavish hugs and attention upon both it and your main squeeze. (Z.)

You Deserve a Medal: Honors on the Path to True Love by Stefan G. Bucher

Deserve a Medal

Finding love is hard! Scars and sacrifices are as frequent as first dates and finding soul mates. Everyone out there — singles or couples, married or divorced, dating or looking — deserves a medal when it comes to finding love. And that’s what Bucher is offering here… a collection of both fun and heart-breaking medals for you, your best friend, your significant other, and plenty of other people that you know. From medals for the successful exchanging of pet names (The Exalted Order of the Honey Bear) to waiting by the phone for over 24 hours (The Legion of Saintly Patience) to meeting the parents (The Parental Inspection Medal) to the ultimate One-in-a-Million Medal of True Love Recognition and Reciprocation, you’ll find forty beautiful full-color medals worth awarding. (James Floyd Kelly)

Love Letter

Love Letter Tempest

Love Letter is a tiny little game with surprising depth. While the theme itself—suitors trying to get their love letters to the princess—may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the red velvet pouch in the Tempest edition and the excellent gameplay makes it a great Valentine’s Day gift for the game-lover in your life. Read the full review here or pick up a copy from Amazon. (Jonathan Liu)

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