Kid’s Imagination + DreamWorks Animator Dad = Action Movie Kid

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What if the living room rug really were lava? Or, if you picked a light saber off the shelf at a toy store, flipped on the switch, and it worked? Or if that pretend rocket ship at the playground could really take off?

A kid has an active imagination, an innate way of looking at the world that is not limited by reality, and an unselfconscious idea of play and story. Combine that with a dad who works as an animator at DreamWorks — one who’s worked on Kung Fu Panda 2 and How to Train Your Dragon — and you’ve got a very cool fusion.

Daniel Hashimoto has created a series of imaginative videos, starring his son, aka Action Movie Kid (@ActionMovieKid on Twitter), and a little special sauce called CGI. In these short videos, make-believe becomes “maker believe” when this boy’s imagination is augmented by some amazing and hilarious special effects. Check out of a sampling of these Action Movie Kid shorts below:

More videos over at Action Movie Kid on YouTube.

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