Skylanders 4 Toy Fair News: Mega Blocks Leak

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GeekDad Andy Robertson brings us a little more news of from Toy Fair 2014. This time it’s a little speculation about Skylanders 4, a brief description of the Mega Blocks leak, and his speculation on the new game. If Andy is right about the direction and timing of the new game it could be a great way to grow the franchise to keep up with the fans as they age.

I got a chance to play a few of the new characters this week, and will post photos and my impression of the gameplay when I get home tomorrow night.

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4 thoughts on “Skylanders 4 Toy Fair News: Mega Blocks Leak

  1. Created a rather interesting game to play with skylanders. The basic concept is taking the general rules for Krosmaster’s Arena and converting skylanders to those rules. Let me know if you are interested. I love the site been following it for more than a year. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Sorry it has been a hectic month. I’m having a hard time finding contact info on the site.

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