The Shocking Toy Story 2 Secret That Changes Everything

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Okay, maybe not everything. But this one is a doozy.

Jon Negroni is the writer who first brought us The Pixar Theory, his whimsical (but rather believable) idea that there is a cohesive universe where all the Pixar movies are set; one that starts with Brave explaining how animals and inanimate object come to life, with all the rest following. It’s fun; you should go read it.

Well, he’s got a follow-up that starts with a very simple question: who is Andy’s mom? From there, we follow a set of breadcrumbs that lead us to a very shocking possibility.

  • Point the first: We never know Andy’s mom’s first name. She is only known as Ms. Davis.
  • Point the second: Woody is an heirloom toy – well older than Andy, possibly owned by his now-gone dad.
  • Point the third: The hat that Andy wears is not a Woody hat. It’s almost identical, actually, to a Jessie hat (though the hat band is a different color – may have been changed for/by him?).
  • Point the fourth: In flashback, we see that Emily (no last name), Jessie’s original owner, had just such a Jessie hat.
  • Point the fifth: Said hat is NOT one of the items that are given away along with Jessie when Emily grows up.

The not-crazy supposition that we can then arrive at is that Andy’s mom is, quite possibly, Emily – Jessie’s original owner.


Go read the whole post on Jon’s site to see the nuance and pictures, and then check out the further analysis in the comments.

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