Ikea Poang Chair Meets Its Match: A Pair of 11-Year-Old Video Gamers

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Ikea Poang chair that snapped
Time to put the Poang out of its misery. Photo by Brad Moon

One of the casualties of the extended school break over the holidays was one of the first pieces of furniture my wife and I bought together: an Ikea Poang arm chair. If ever there was an iconic piece of first apartment furnishings, it was the Poang (which Ikea has been selling since 1977 and displays in its stores undergoing endless stress testing cycles using a robotic behind). Ours survived multiple moves, several replacement covers, my own ever-expanding frame and my wife’s eventual feeling that the old classic looked out of place with our decor. My solution was to move it to the playroom, where the kids used it as a comfy video gaming chair. And that’s where the Poang met its end when the twins finally did it in with a snap that sounded like a gun going off.

clse-up of snapped Ikea armchair
Here’s what those layers of glued Birch look like — on the inside. Photo by Brad Moon.

I’m not complaining about the chair’s resilience. After 23 years, it certainly doesn’t owe us anything and I know what a pair of 11-year-olds can do to the most solid furniture, even if they’re engrossed in playing Halo. And despite the loud and violent end, there was no shrapnel.

Lugging the Poang out to the curb last night felt like the end of an era. We still have the collection of Billy book cases, though…

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