GeekDad Holiday Gift Guide #6 — The Well-Dressed Geek

Gift Guide Hacking the Holidays

Let’s be honest. For many geeks, fashion is as foreign and confusing as Higgs boson is to the masses. To this we say, which is more important? Still, what if you could improve your style with just a few simple choices? We’ve compiled some great selections that can help augment your – or your loved one’s – wardrobe and start looking suave (but while still maintaining some geeky flavor). This list was put together by Jenny Williams (JW), Corrina Lawson (CL), Z (Z.), Jason Cranford Teague (JCT), Michael Harrison (MH), Curtis Silver (CS), Tony Sims (TS), and me (DB). If you haven’t seen the others, be sure to take a look at previous gift guides.


Chainmail Bracelets

These are really cool bracelets for the wannabe knight in your life. Made of rubber rings and aluminum chains, these chainmail bracelets are both medieval and modern at the same time. Available in four colors — black, blue, purple, and red — you will never be out of fashion, nor without armor for a very small part of your wrist. Bracelets are for wrists seven inches and smaller. Buy it at Think Geek. (DB)

Adventure Time Footie Union Suit
Nothing says “I understand and appreciate your fascination with that weird cartoon” quite like treating the love of your life to an Adventure Time footie union suit. Prepare for your nightly dream visits to the Candy Kingdom by dressing in these comfy all-in-one PJs. Featuring dual hip pockets, zip-off feet, character-specific hoods and thumb holes in the plush cuffs, they are pretty much the best thing ever. Officially licensed Finn and Jake designs are available from ThinkGeek, Amazon and various other online and brick-and-mortar retailers. (Z.)

ScotteVest Travel Vest for Men and Women
ScotteVest’s clothing options are vast, but no matter the season or destination, a Travel Vest is a great choice. Lightweight, extremely high quality, and very smart looking, the vest is filled with different kinds of pockets and features for all of your gadgets, keys, books, and things for your kids. Buy it at Amazon. (JW)

Meeple Cufflinks

If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your next high-society board game night, you could do a lot worse than these laser-cut cufflinks. Stylish and understated, they’re made out of 1/8″ thick Meeple — err, maple — game pieces, with silver-plated cufflink hardware, and make a great stocking stuffer for the well-dressed gamer geek in your family. If cufflinks aren’t your style, the store also offers game-themed necklaces and earrings. Buy them on Etsy. (MH)

Gunnar Optiks
The holidays for many geeks, young and old, mean video games. Gunnar Optiks glasses are the perfect complementary gift for that stack of new games. Eliminating eye strain, stress and fatigue are only some of the great benefits of Gunnars. Available in many styles to fit your lifestyle, from gaming to design to the new line of women’s styles; Gunnars are the perfect gift to give alongside Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Halo 4. You can get Gunnars via their website at (CS)

T-shirts from

GeekDad and GeekMom have both talked about the great products from in the past month, which just goes to show – you cannot go wrong getting a great geek gift from them! The t-shirts that they offer are of the highest quality and they have you covered, no matter what your geek obsession. Bronies, Trekkers, Who fans and comics are all there. Agent Coulson shirt displayed here. (TS)

Bags by Urban Junket

I became tired of losing my geek stuff — game consoles, smartphones — inside my purse. The Karen Powered Handbag contains a number of handy pockets for several devices and holds those devices securely. It is also extra sturdy, as I carried my laptop inside on a two-mile walk across New York City and the strap and the purse held firm against the weight. (My shoulder was a bit less sturdy.) The only drawback is the portable charger that comes with the purse. When it holds a charge, it works great as a power back-up, but it’s glitchy and gave out on me after two days at New York Comic Con and wouldn’t re-charge in the evening. Comes in black, red or grey.

The Jen Powered Crossbody Bag is made from refabricated plastic bottles and it’s so sturdy that my college-student daughter, who’s gone through numerous purses and backpacks has yet to destroy it. It has numerous pockets and a little removable bag inside to keep some small items from getting lost. It comes with the same portable batteriess as its larger cousin, the Karen Powered Handbag. (CL)

Doctor Who Shirts

As part of a new partnership, CafePress and BBC Worldwide Americas has created a Doctor Who Store, featuring Daleks, Cyberman, the Tardis, and more. You can find anything from t-shirts saying “Bow Ties are Cool” to Cybermen saying “DELETE, DELETE, DELETE” to sonic screwdriver schematics. New designs are being released constantly in preparation of the 50th anniversary of the show. What is great about CaféPress is their print-on-demand option, where you can order the size, color, shirt style and graphic to suit your taste.

The t-shirts are all high-quality cotton and durable. They come in men’s and women’s cuts, and include a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. I do recommend not underestimating your size, however. The way CaféPress prints its shirts tends to shrink them slightly. So, if you are large, order large or x-large, not medium. (JCT)

Awesomely Geeky Shirts

Whenever I think about fantastically geeky torso wear, the first place that comes to mind is Think Geek. From science slogans to geek culture, Think Geek has it all. There are Big Bang Theory shirts, official GeekDad wear, and even a whole category devoted to zombies and bacon. But a simple t-shirt sometimes just isn’t enough, which is why Think Geek has a great collection of tees with a little more. The Iron Man Arc Reactor shirt has a light panel that will not only make you the talk of the party, but may also protect your heart from those shards of shrapnel in your chest. The Electronic Rock Guitar shirt comes with a pick, a guitar, and an amp that goes to eleven. (Seriously!) You can play all major chords and getting on the road to rock stardom is as easy as getting dressed. Both available via Think Geek. (DB)

Fila Memory 2 Advanced

For their most advanced shoe yet, Fila uses the same memory foam that is used by NASA to create sleeping compartments. The memory foam in the new Fila Memory lines constantly adjusts to the wearer, which creates a superb fit. The shoes are ultra-light to begin with, so cushy memory foam does that much more to lighten the load. No socks required! (TS)

The Scout by STM Bags

When I made the jump from iPad to MacBook Air for my day-to-day computing, I quickly found all my old messenger bags a couple of inches too short to do the job. After auditioning a number of replacements I eventually discovered the Scout from STM. Sturdily constructed, sporting a perfectly-sized protective laptop area and handsome to boot, it’s an ideal solution for the daily commute. Ample pockets and storage slots accommodate everything from my Mac, 3DS XL and all the necessary accessories to less important stuff like, y’know, ID cards and work documents. (Z.)

Science Jewelry

These earring and necklace combinations are a great way to let people subtly know you hold science close to your heart (and your earlobes)! The Rutherford-Bohr model atom, with holographic clear, peridot, amethyst, and holographic turquoise atom and electrons is sure to not only catch the eye but boast of your knowledge of quantum mechanics. Available as earrings and as a necklace. Or, if genetics is more your thing, check out these awesome silver plated 3D double helices. Wow friends and family by telling them it is an exact replica of your DNA. Available in both earrings and as a necklace. Both available via Think Geek. (DB)

Indochino Gift Sets

I’m a big fan of Indochino’s solid digital approach to custom menswear, but I also realize surprising the man in your life with a nice new suit becomes difficult when presented with the task of taking tailor measurements without arousing suspicion. Thankfully the Indochino crew has you covered with gift cards – perfect for letting the recipient control his own custom creation – and special holiday gift sets to smarten up any wardrobe. (Z.)

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