What was Your First Mac?

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It’s the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh computer, and the technostalgia is frothing all over the Internet. Now, I’m not trying to start any Mac vs. PC arguments here – I’ve been a steady user of both platforms for my entire computing life; though I will admit I personally prefer Macs at this point in my personal life, but the tools I use in my professional life are still PC-only (yes, I do virtualize sometimes). But the very existence of the Mac is a huge part of personal computing history, and for many of the geek set, getting their first Apple computer (Mac, or even Apple ][) was a transformative experience. So, I’m putting this post up to ask you, our geeky readers out there, to tell us your stories of getting your first Apple computer, and how it changed your life.

Just to start the ball rolling, I’ll tell my story. I was fresh out of college in the early 1990’s, and had my first professional job and professional paycheck, and I knew I needed to upgrade from the old PC that had taken me though school. My buddy Randall had a Mac, and I knew it was way cooler that any PC, so I went down to Whole Earth Access in Berkeley, CA, which was an Apple authorized retailer at the time. This was the Scully era, so there were all kinds of models available, and it was a bit confusing. But I ended up finding my dream machine: an Apple IIgs, which was (at the time) the bee’s knees, because it did graphics and sound right out of the box. I also sprang for one of the new-fangled color inkjet printers, which was just amazing. That computer lasted me for years.


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