Viticulture and GeekDad Team up in Auction to Benefit Charity

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Last fall, I reviewed a worker placement game that was coming to Kickstarter called Viticulture. I loved it then and I still do now; it’s a game that we never really want to end, each time we play it. As owners of vineyards in pre-modern Tuscany, your job is to turn your venture into a success. This is done by accomplishing tasks, expanding your vineyard and attracting visitors.

The Kickstarter was successful, reception has been very positive, and Stonemaier Games has gone on to have another very successful Kickstarter project and has a Viticulture expansion coming out soon.

But today, Stonemaier Games is celebrating a year of Viticulture by auctioning off a number of limited edition versions of the game. The special version includes an autographed retail first edition of the game, a custom crafted wooden box, and a huge list of extras including the opportunity to be the first outside the company to own and play the upcoming expansion. (High bidder gets first dibs on some awesome bonuses!)

There are 13 limited editions and Stonemaier Games has asked GeekDad and 12 others who supported Viticulture early on to be involved. Each blog has its own auction, with a charity that will benefit from the auction. Half of each auction’s winning bid will be donated to the designated charities.

The GeekDad auction is doing very well, which will benefit Child’s Play. And, while the competitive side of me really wants the GeekDad auction to come out on top, there are a lot of great charities that stand to benefit from this auction, which ends Saturday night. Get over there, check it out, and bid if you can!

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