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My handwriting isn’t the best, but my mom instilled in me a habit that has stuck with me for years — the handwritten thank you note. As a rule, I try to have a stack of notecards always available. This is an action that I’m hoping to pass on to my two boys as well; right now, I usually write the note and have them sign their name, but my almost-7-year-old can now write his own thank you notes which brings a smile to my face.

A few days ago I got a nice little gift in the mail from an artist whose work I enjoy — Stefan Bucher. Bucher has partnered with Luxe by to provide some unique artwork for a good cause, ShelterBox USA. Each month, Luxe by moo is featuring a different artist and donating 100% of proceeds from purchases made to a charity picked by the artist. Here’s some info on ShelterBox USA from the Luxe by moo site:

ShelterBox USA brings real help to people when they desperately need it. Their mission is to provide shelter, warmth, and dignity to disaster and conflict survivors. The agency moves quickly and with purpose through its all-volunteer ShelterBox Response Team, which delivers the bespoke ShelterBox, packed with a tent, a stove, water purification, and other necessities, to families who need it most.

I became a fan of Bucher’s art when I discovered his project 100 Days of Monsters. (My oldest son is also a fan and has an original Monster hanging in his room.) And I had fun working my way through his book, 344 Questions—The Creative Person’s Do-It-Yourself Guide to Insight, Survival, and Artistic Fulfillment. (My review here.)

Love Cells 2

Bucher’s fractal-like submission is called Love Cells, and they’re simple in their colors and very eye-catching and a perfect fit for cards I wish to give to my wife. (Somehow leaving a note for my wife on a notecard with my name embossed along the top edge just doesn’t cut it.) The Luxe series of cards is heavy. HEAVY. (I’m not a paper expert, but if you’re needing the details, the site says they are 600gsm/32pt.) These things are definitely high-quality and I’m already looking through the website for further additions to my notecard stash.

If you’d like to get some cards of your own and have the proceeds go to a great cause, you can view details of the Love Cells cards here. (I’m going to be making my own donation shortly to ShelterBox USA as a thank you to Stefan Bucher for providing me with a set of notecards to review.)

Oh, and geek dads… this particular Love Cells theme (ten patterns in all — envelopes included) comes just in time if you’re looking for a nice Valentine’s Day gift. Just a thought.

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