Saturday Is Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day

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Take Your Child To A Bookstore

This Saturday, December 7th, is the fourth annual Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day. Sure, Amazon is great — and, if I’m being honest, a solid contributor both to my own entertainment and income — but TYCBD celebrates the sights and smells and other simple joys that can only come from visiting a brick-and-mortar book vendor.

This event allows us as parents and caregivers to share not only our love of the written word, but to remind the children in our lives (not to mention ourselves) how truly fortunate we are to still have local bookstores in a world were mammoth big-box retailers have become the norm. So make sure to devote some time in the coming weekend to taking your favorite little ones to a place where you can all get lost in shelves upon shelves of fantastic possibilities!

Visit the official Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day web presence for more information and to find participating shops near you.

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