Ancient Irish Stones Are Being Digitized

Arraglen stone, Mt Brandon. Image: Artec 3D Scanners website.
Arraglen stone, Mt Brandon. Image: Artec 3D Scanners website.

One more reason why the internet is awesome: You don’t need to travel to far off locations to study ancient stones. Granted, a trip to Ireland would be awesome, but it would also be quite expensive, and you might not get yourself to travel just to see ancient stones.

Now you don’t have to make such a tough decision. Artec 3D Scanners are scanning Ireland’s Ogham stones, which are tall and thin-ish stones that have inscriptions of the Irish Ogham alphabet on them. The Ogham alphabet is an early form of the Irish language, and these stones have the earliest discovered representation of it.

The Artec 3D Scanners website shows how they are going about scanning the stones, and have a video about the process. It’s fascinating stuff.

You can also get much more information at the Ogham in 3D site, including information about the alphabet, the stones, the scanning project, and more.

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