The Night of the Doctor Prequel Webisode Hits: WATCH THIS NOW!!!


My head asplode. Not only does this mini-episode in advance of the 50th anniversary special event explain where the John Hurt Doctor fits in the “timeline” of Doctors, but it also ties up a HUGE loose end from pre-Russell T. Davies era.

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2 thoughts on “The Night of the Doctor Prequel Webisode Hits: WATCH THIS NOW!!!

  1. No time to do the deep linking here, but here’s the jist (SPOILERS): First, this is the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, who only ever got one 2-hour made-for-TV movie back in the 90s. Fans really liked him, and bemoaned that we never got to see more of him. This helps bookend his part of Doctor history (he’s also done a number of audio plays as the 8th Doctor, which are now apparently in canon since he references his companions here). With the regeneration into a young John Hurt, we now know that Hurt’s “War Doctor” comes in between McGann and (we believe) Eccleston (leading folks to hope that the somewhat reluctant Eccleston may show up in Day of the Doctor if we get to see Hurt’s Doctor regenerate). Further, the Sisters here are a call back to an episode in the 4th Doctor’s era. And last, but not least, this is helping to flesh out even more of the Time War storyline that’s been referenced throughout the modern series. I’m sure there’s more, though, if anyone else wants to chime in?

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