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Keira Rathbone’s Typewriter Art

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Pier Theatre
“Why I Love Bournemouth Pier in Under 100 Words” by Keira Rathbone

A friend of me sent me a link to this BBC story about Keira Rathbone, an artist with an unusual medium: the typewriter. When I first saw the headline I was picturing something like ASCII art but, you know, not digital. But it turns out that Rathbone moves the paper around manually as she types letters repeatedly, building up remarkably detailed images.

You can see more of her work at her website, but the video on the BBC site is definitely worth watching. I particularly like the way she “sketches” people live, and the way she can capture a person’s body language with just a few characters on the page.

Barcelona Love Letter
“Barcelona Love Letter” by Keira Rathbone
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