Mom’s Nintendo 3DS Guided Tour

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It’s not until you start to explain the different features of the 3DS that you realize how complicated this stuff is if you haven’t got a long history with gaming. As one console builds on features of the previous one, you need to go back a few generations to really see how the latest hardware makes sense.

At the same time though, the questions that new gamers ask about different consoles and handhelds are really interesting. Because they don’t have that history with gaming they have a fresh perspective that asks some excellent questions.

To this end I decided to record this family gaming surgery segment for Family Gamer TV with one of our new gaming moms. I think this worked well. I’ll be interested to see if you agree in the comments, but by offering a guided tour through the different Gameboy and Nintendo DS consoles I think we answered her questions. Along the way we covered:

– Nintendo 3DS is available from Amazon for $149.99.
– Nintendo DSiXL is available from Amazon for $143.99.
– Nintendo DSi is available from Amazon for $101.99.
– Nintendo DSlite is available from Amazon for $89.95.
– Nintendo GBA SP is available from Amazon for $34.99.
– Original Gameboy is available from Amazon for $21.00.

Some have commented that we missed out some steps of the story. It’s true I didn’t pull out a Gameboy Pocket or Gameboy Color as part of my tour, but I wanted to cover the bases without over complicating things. When I explained this to Vanessa she seemed to agree that just having the highlights of family console recommendations was more useful. But maybe I’m doing her a disservice by not providing the full picture?

Answers on a postcard, or in the comments below.

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