Kickstarter Alert: Shadows of Brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone

I don’t usually post as much about Kickstarter board games I haven’t played yet, but this is one that I’m really excited about. Flying Frog Productions, the publishers of Last Night on Earth (and other games), is one of my favorite board game companies. I met brothers Scott and Jason Hill a few years ago at PAX and their enthusiasm for making their games is contagious. I always enjoy catching up with them at shows, and this year at Gen Con Scott gave me a peek at some of the artwork and miniatures for their latest game (and first Kickstarter campaign), Shadows of Brimstone.

Shadows of Brimstone is set in the Wild West, but mixed with unspeakable horrors. A mysterious substance called Dark Stone was found, and opened up portals to other worlds. You get to play classic western characters who venture into the mines—and sometimes through the portals—for various missions. It’s a fully cooperative game, and the artwork (illustrations this time, rather than their usual photography) looks fantastic.

It’s also a massive game. For starters, they’re making two core sets to choose from: City of the Ancients opens up a portal to a frozen alien city, and Swamps of Death takes you to a marshy world with serpent men. There are also piles of add-ons: additional characters, enormous figurines of some of the big monsters, new missions, and even another world to explore.

None of that comes cheap, of course. You can get the core sets for $75 each, and if you pledge for both then you’re also eligible for a lot of included stretch goals. You can also buy various add-ons a la carte. But if you really want everything, you’ll need to go for the Mine Cart reward level, which is currently at $475. But clearly the fans are excited about this one, because the Kickstarter just launched on Tuesday this week, and they’ve already gotten nearly ten times their funding goal.

For more information, check out the Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter page.

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