5 Ways to Make Your Preschooler's Life a Touch More Magical

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Running Fairy
Photo: Kristen Rutherford
  • Take a used box—we always have a few laying around from Amazon—and decorate it. Dub it the mailbox. Have your child choose a special place to keep it and while they’re sleeping, drop little notes in there from their favorite characters, fairies, or sprites— whomever they wish to be in touch with.
  • Plant some jellybeans in the garden. While they are sleeping, replace them with pinwheels or lollipops that have “grown” in the same spots.
Photo: Kristen Rutherford
  • Sprinkle a little glitter here and there in the backyard, or on the sidewalk, and go on a hunt for “fairy footsteps.”
  • The next time you’re at the park, try unlocking any “fairy doors” you find. These can be deep knots in a tree, maybe a hole in the ground, or a gap in a fence. It’s hard to find the keys to a fairy door—try stones, or rocks, or anything that seems like a woodland key.
fairy keys
Photo: Kristen Rutherford
  • Put some sugar cubes in a bowl. Count them. In the morning, check to see if any are gone. If so, you have borrowers living with you!
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