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Win a Copy of The Doctors Revisited!

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The Doctors Revisited
The Doctors Revisited

The Doctor turns 50 in just a few months, and it is a time to start celebrating. To help us out, BBC America has kindly given us three copies of The Doctors Revisited 1–4, a four DVD set with a story from each of the first four Doctors.

These episodes represent some of the best from the show’s history.

  1. William Hartnell — “The Aztecs”
  2. Patrick Troughton — “The Tomb of the Cybermen”
  3. Jon Pertwee — “Spearhead From Space”
  4. Tom Baker — “Pyramids of Mars”

There are two ways ways to enter to win:

  1. Tweet the following “The @GeekDads are giving away copies of ‘The Doctors Revisited’ from @BBCAmerica #geekdadcontest” or something like that, as long as it has the link and #geekdadcontest. Tweet this once each day to increase your chances.
  2. Register and post a comment at the bottom of this article telling us your favorite episode(s) from each of the first four doctors. You can post one comment on each doctor to increase your chances to win.

Yes, you can enter using each method multiple time — tweet once a day or add your favorite episode for each Doctor—to  increase your chances of winning. Entrees can start now and will run through next Monday at 11:59 PM ET. Enter early. Enter often. And good luck!

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26 thoughts on “Win a Copy of The Doctors Revisited!

  1. Fun giveaway, I’ve been wanting to see these specials!

    My favourite first Doctor episode–The Aztecs. But then, I’m still working my way through the Old Who episodes.

  2. My favourite fourth Doctor episode–City of Death. Love those leisurely stroll-around-Paris scenes. You’d never see those nowadays. Also, the TARDIS-as-art sequence is delish.

  3. Favourite Third Doctor story: I’m going to say Carnival of Monsters, because that’s the only one I’ve seen so far. There’s lots of Old Who to explore, and I’m exploring it at my leisure.

  4. For the 3rd Doctor – a tie between The Three Doctors and The Terror of the Autons. I love the multiple doctor episodes, but it’s hard to beat both The Master and The Autons together in an episode.

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