GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution – Rearranged Founding Fathers

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This week’s puzzle, as presented earlier in the week:

JohnJayScrambled1As we approach the Fourth of July, I thought that it would be appropriate to celebrate our Founding Fathers and selected figures from the Revolutionary War period the best way that I can — honoring them in the GeekDad Puzzle of the Week.

Below is a list of terms that, when properly unscrambled, make up the name of someone famous/infamous and relevant to the late 18th century…

Here is the list, complete with unscrambled figures from the 18th century:

  • Oh Sand Jam – John Adams
  • Kimbra Jenna Flinn – Benjamin Franklin
  • Dalmatian Heron Lex – Alexander Hamilton
  • Jess Off Heart Mon – Thomas Jefferson
  • Amid Mensa Jos – James Madison
  • See Wagon Girth Nog – George Washington
  • Low Film Daily – William Floyd
  • Caffeine Tights Rollo – Francis Lightfoot Lee
  • Crack Isn’t Hot Rod – Richard Stockton
  • End Candle Orbit – Benedict Arnold
  • A Pure Lever – Paul Revere
  • Bigoted Trim Lure – Gilbert du Motier
  • Lune Spoon Hajj – John Paul Jones
  • Late Hannah – Nathan Hale
  • Hen Tell Ana – Ethan Allen

Congratulations to Eden Leibowitz, who not only correctly identified each of the names above, but was also chosen at random from the winning entries to receive this week’s $50 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate.

Thanks to everyone that entered a solution, and keep an eye out for this next week’s rather mathy puzzle!

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