Is a Hearse the Geekiest Vehicle?

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Geeked out hearse
Ghostbusters (well, at least their vehicle) spotted in Port Stanley. Photo by Jody Moon

I don’t normally find myself thinking about these things, but while closing out the beach at Port Stanley last weekend (here in Ontario the beach season is short but sweet — even the potted palm trees have been carted off to a greenhouse already), we drove past this hearse done up as the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 wheels. It’s a bit newer than the ’59 Caddie used in the Ghostbusters movies and not exactly true to the original in terms of badging and accessories, but my kids immediately knew what it was supposed to be — props to the Shriners (the fez on the ghost decal gives that one away).

Oh, and you might want to check with your realtor before putting an offer on that beachfront condo. Just sayin’ it might have a Non-Terminal Repeating Phantasm or some other unwelcome resident…

The macabre "minivan" alternative
Zombie hearse spotted in mall parking lot. Photo by Brad Moon

After seeing the “Ecto-1,” it made me think back to last year when I encountered this hearse in a local mall parking lot, done up with zombie family stickers in the back window and complete with kid safety seats inside (I checked). The thought of driving around in an ex-hearse is a little macabre, but the form factor really seems to lend itself to geeking out. That and being painted up with flames and used as band transportation — I’ve seen a few of those on the road, too.

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