GeekDad Puzzle of the Week – That Time of Year

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fallmedley02Something interesting happened (or started) this past weekend that always tends to happen around this time of year.

Below, please find some 54 two-letter and three-letter combinations that, when properly combined, create 20 terms that are highly relevant to this most recent seasonal occurrence and its peer counterparts around the calendar. This week’s GeekDad Puzzle of the Week is to decipher these 20 terms by concatenating the two-letter and three-letter combinations appropriately, and then listing what these 20 terms all have in common.

Example: er, oc, and tob can all be concatenated to create “october.”

Here are the letter combinations for concatenation:

als ane at bu car cc ce cke cks
co cs din ds eel ees ens eri ers
ers ers es gia he lak li lli lti
lts mar mav nk ns ns nts nts ots
ox ox pa pat phi pi rav re ri
rs sai sp st sto tes urs whi ya

As always, the fine folks at ThinkGeek have offered a $50 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate as a prize that will be awarded to a randomly selected reasonably correct response. Please send in your response to GeekDad Central by end of day Friday for consideration in the drawing. Happy puzzling, and good luck!

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