You’ll Want to Hug a Zombie After This Musical Resident Evil 5 Review

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Rebecca Mayes - Zombie HuggerRebecca Mayes - Zombie Hugger

Rebecca Mayes – Zombie Hugger

Dressing up, video games, home video, cos-play and sing-along-lyrics. What more could a game geek desire? That’s pretty much what’s gone into Rebecca Mayes latest review.

At the end of last year I challenged her to review video games with song alone for Game People. Little did I know how creative the result would be. Not only has she played more games than ever before in her life, but she has spent hours on each of her hand-crafted songs.

The latest song-review is for Resident Evil 5. Rebecca has, of course, turned things her own way though. And rather than blood and gore we have her ‘Don’t Shoot them’ song. Maybe it’s just me, but this response to a video game is so much more interesting than a simple written review. What’s more it makes me want to go out and grab a copy and get playing.

She’s said she’ll do an album’s worth of songs for us at Game People, so with seven down we reakon we have another three or four to go. If you want to suggest a game for her to cover next, why not drop us a line in the comments.

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