QuakeCon 2013 and Elder Scrolls Online News

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Twitch - The Elder Scrolls Online | Gameplay Presentation - Google Chrome_006

The family and I stopped by QuakeCon 2013 in Dallas this Saturday. We were looking for info about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), and while we didn’t get a lot of information we were able to watch over the shoulder of a few players as they tested out the game. We considered waiting in line for our own chance, but it appeared to be a good hour or more.

We also saw some footage of the new title Wolfenstein: The New Order. The graphics looked nice and gameplay appeared to be what you’d expect from an FPS, but I didn’t see enough to say anything about the story.

Also present were NVidia, Minecraft, a lot of gaming PC companies, including Maingear, and a few peripheral suppliers. GX Gaming had a nice selection of mice and keyboards and a small arcade controller that I’d like to spend some more time with. The coolest gear there was the Virtuix Omni, a sort of Virtual Reality treadmill that was recently Kickstarted for about $1 million.

The day before, Pete Hines, Bethesda VP, and Paul Sage, Zenimax Online Studio’s Creative Director, presented an awesome live demo of Elder Scrolls Online. They spent a lot of time talking about character customization and combat. Given the scope of the game and character abilities it’s easy to see why the release date has slipped to spring of 2014. Check out the video of their presentation below, and click through to Bethesda on TwitchTV for more presentations, including the keynote from John Carmack.

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