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Owner’s Manual Aims to Settle It Once and for All

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Owner's ManualThey say there are two kinds of people in this world, and then everything gets kind of confusing from there. That’s because opinions vary as to what those two kinds might be. However, regardless of the issue on both sides of the great divide, wherever the line is drawn, love to flaunt their allegiance in all manner of t-shirts and bumper stickers: Star Wars vs. Star Trek; Marvel vs. DC; Republican vs. everybody else; Mac vs. PC, the list goes on and on. Until now.

AMC’s new show Owner’s Manual aims to clarify things. The premise is simple. They believe people divide easily into two distinct camps: those that read the manual and those that don’t. They make a good case.

Owner’s Manual premieres tonight (August 15) at 10/9c and is hosted by international man of intuition Ed Sanders (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) and the well-prepared Marcus Hunt (Hammer Heads). Together they must face such challenges as flying a plane, sailing a tall ship, engineering a train, and all kinds of shenanigans that make me kind of nervous—the idea is to see which man does it better, the one that reads the manual or the one that goes with his gut?

They aren’t messing around.

Which kind of person are you?

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Disclaimer: I know a number of people involved with AMC’s Owner’s Manual, including my good friend and business partner Ed Sanders. Still, I wouldn’t write about the show if I didn’t like it. I would just tell them some story about how mean the editors are and wish them luck.

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