Geek & Sundry’s (16-Bit) Animated Outlands Series Premieres Today as Part of Geek Week

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For YouTube’s Geek Week this week, lots of new and awesomely geeky material is being put online — more than you likely have time to watch, unless you have way more free time than I do. There are some videos you should make time to watch, though, and the premiere of the new series Outlands from Geek & Sundry is one of them.

The folks at Geek & Sundry, led by geek icon Felicia Day, have been producing consistently terrific content since the YouTube channel’s inception in April of last year. Outlands, based on its trailer and premiere episode, looks like it’s no exception. The series features the voice talents of Felicia Day herself and comedian Dana Snyder, among others. Created and produced by Adam de la Peña, Outlands is, like his former G4 TV series Code Monkeys, styled like an old computer game – though in this case it’s more 16-bit than 8-bit. Set in the “distant future” of 1992, the series’ premise is:

A group of misfit soldiers are sent into the wilderness of outer space, in an area known as the “Outlands.” Their mission? To clear the outer planets of any life forms that may stand in the way of building shopping malls and multiplexes. The series premiere episode kicks off as we meet the crew of the TITANTIC II (Hutch, Ben, Chubs, Sergeant Skill and MAK) when they explore their first planet with very mixed results, a murder in the crew, teddy bears and beers.

Enjoy the trailer above, and the premiere episode in its entirety (just under 13 minutes, so good for a lunchtime viewing perhaps) below!

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