Everyday Bag: Ogio Renegade RSS

Ogio Renegade RSS, photo by Anton Olsen
Ogio Renegade RSS, photo by Anton Olsen

I’m on a quest: a quest to find the perfect mobile office. I originally started by testing different laptops, gadgets and tools, but soon realized that the most important item in any mobile office is a bag. Without a means to quickly pack up and go any mobile office would simply lack the all important mobility.

I’ve tested about four different bags so far, and decided to start this review series with the newest of these, the Ogio Renegade RSS. I’ve used it for about two weeks now, including a weekend at the Space Hacker Workshop in Dallas and it’s certainly the most travel-friendly bag I’ve used. It has the most compartments, internal organizers, and two “crush proof” compartments.

The largest of these compartments is a fleece lined laptop sleeve, roomy enough to accommodate a 17 inch laptop. Ogio advertises it as RSS, Reactive Suspension System. I’m not sure what makes it reactive, but the laptop is suspended above the bottom of the pack. This prevents the laptop from striking the ground when the laptop is dropped or tossed around.

OgioRenegade_CameraThe smaller crush proof compartment is at the top and large enough for a pair of glasses, or small camera. My Olympus E-P3 barely fits with the small lens, freeing up room in the “camera” compartment for an extra lens.

Ogio has taken the effort to design in space for each type of gadget any self-respecting geek would carry. There are labeled compartments for camera, MP3 player, power adapter, mouse, and tablet. Each compartment is logically located and will fit average-sized devices. I’ve made a couple changes, but overall use the pockets as intended. The exceptions are the camera noted above and since I don’t carry an MP3 player I use that pocket for a spare camera battery and charger.

My inventory includes:

  • Macbook Air (it swims in the 17″ compartment)
  • Apple power adapter
  • Olympus E-P3 with 17mm lens
  • Lens Baby Composer with Sweet 35 Optics
  • Spare Olympus battery and charger
  • SD Card reader
  • A handful of thumb drives
  • iRig Mic Cast
  • iPad 2
  • Four manila envelopes full of receipts that should be on an expense report
  • VEX swag tape measure
  • Logitech MX Anywhere mouse
  • Cocoon Grid-It organizer
  • Verizon Mifi
  • USB Power Brick (or two for trips)
  • OWC enclosure for my original Macbook SSD.
  • SOG Twitch II pocket knife (removed before flying)
  • SOG B66-N EOD Multi-tool (also removed before flying)
  • Assorted USB cables to charge or sync everything.
  • And clipped to the top handle are a pair of V-Moda Crossfade M-100s.

And that leaves one entire compartment that easily accommodates and entire change of clothes.

I know I’ve only used it a short time now, but it shows no sign of wear and the quality of the build is great. I haven’t noticed any loose threads or stitching and the zippers are solid and easy to use.

Overall this bag will be my go-to bag for travel, especially short one or two night trips. I will continue to use it as a daily bag for a couple more weeks just to break it in and get a better idea of durability, but I suspect that I will go back to a smaller and lighter bag for my daily commute. The Renegade RSS weights in at 3.5 lbs, thanks in part because of the crush proof compartments, RSS, and ample padding.

You can find out more specs at Ogio’s site, and purchase it there for $150. It is also available at Amazon for a little less.

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2 thoughts on “Everyday Bag: Ogio Renegade RSS

  1. You may not want a messenger bag, but I highly recommend a Timbuck2 bag for the PC. Not only guaranteed for life, but can be found with features like a laptop sleeve that can unzip and stay attached to the bag. This means that you don’t have to take your PC out when going thru TSA security. they come in a variety of colors, or can be customized to your choice. I love mine. (I have no interest in the company, just love the bags.

    1. I tried a TSA friendly bag like the Timbuck2 once and they made me take the laptop out and send it through again alone. But that was one experience at one checkpoint so not an adequate sample.

      The Renegade’s laptop pocket is on top and easy to get to no matter the orientation of the bag. Once through the X-ray it is easy to drop the laptop in the bag and go. I find that dealing with my shoes and belt are significantly more of a pain that the laptop hasn’t been a concern for me.

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