Tonight’s New Gravity Falls Takes a Trip Through Grunkle Stan’s Mind (With First-Look Clip!)

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Image © Disney Channel
Image © Disney Channel

The heroes of the brilliant Disney Channel cartoon show Gravity Falls – Mabel, Dipper, and Soos – have been to lots of strange places before, and seen all sorts of scary things. But in tonight’s new episode, “Dreamscaperers,” they’ll be going to the most bizarre, unsettling place possible: into Grunkle Stan’s mind.

In the new episode, Gideon, trying a new tactic to steal the Mystery Shack from Stan, summons an evil dream demon, like you do. In order to save Stan (and the Mystery Shack), the three somewhat-trepid heroes must journey into the uncharted world of his mind. Based on the description and the clip below, it looks like one no fan of the show would want to miss. And, even cooler, tonight’s episode will end in a cliffhanger that you’ll have to wait three weeks to see resolved: on Friday, August 2, the story will conclude with “Gideon Rises,” which, according to Disney, “promises to reveal answers to many of Gravity Falls‘ deepest secrets.”

The new episode “Dreamscaperers” premieres tonight at 9:00pm ET/PT on Disney Channel. Set your DVR now – I haven’t seen the whole episode, but it promises to be one of the best episodes yet!

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  1. i think that going into someones mind can totally friek me out because it cannot be like bill wanted to help gideon steal the shack, its like bill was going to destroy the shack

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