Have Geeklets, Will Travel: Exploring Conventions

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Image: Jason Persse via Flickr by creative commons
Image: Jason Persse via Flickr by creative commons

Welcome back to Have Geeklets, Will Travel, a summer travel series that will help you think up cool travel plans that will appeal to both kids and adults. From geocaching expeditions in your backyard to factory tours in far-flung states, we’ll be providing ideas all summer long to get you out of your house and on the road for great adventures.

This fall, the twins and I will go to our first Comic Con. We’re starting with Baltimore Comic Con because it’s a nice, manageable size to navigate with two small children. We’ve talked about going for years but never managed to make it happen. And then this year, I stumbled over the idea again when I started to explore the convention world.

There are gatherings for every imaginable fandom — from Minecraft to anime to Doctor Who. You can hit a comic convention and see a plethora of characters, or zero in on a particular television show, such as Star Trek. We’ve rounded up a few that will take place in various parts of the US this summer, but start Googling to find out if people are gathering to discuss and celebrate your favorite things. Or better yet, throw together your own informal convention at home by trying to get a critical mass together to discuss a particular show, movie, superhero, or video game.

  • Wizard World (New York): June 28 – 30; New York’s Comic Con.
  • LeakyCon (Portland, Oregon): June 27 – 30; all-around geeky goodness or young adult fest.
  • Star Trek 2013 (Las Vegas, Nevada): August 8 – 11; all things Star Trek.
  • ConTemporal (Raleigh, North Carolina): June 28 – 30; all things steampunk
  • Geek Kon (Madison, Wisconsin): August 23 – 25; everything from gaming to anime.

What conventions are you looking forward to this year?

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