My neighbor totoro, Howl's Moving Castle

Studio Ghibli Prize Package — Second Chance!

My neighbor totoro, Howl's Moving Castle
The Studio Ghibli prize package!

Because there were so many entries to the last giveaway, and because Studio Ghibli and Disney have offered, here’s another chance to win the prize package!

The prize pack includes:

  • 1 Blu-ray Combo Pack of My Neighbor Totoro
  • 1 Blu-ray Combo Pack of Howl’s Moving Castle
  • 1 My Neighbor Totoro 7″ Plush
  • 1 Paperback Copy of Studio Ghibli: The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata
  • 1 Hardcover Copy of The Art of My Neighbor Totoro: A Film by Hayao Miyazaki
  • 1 $20 VISA Gift Card for Movie Snacks

TWO lucky entrants will win a prize package. In addition, FIVE lucky entrants will each a package of the Blu-rays of My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle.

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85 thoughts on “Studio Ghibli Prize Package — Second Chance!

  1. Totoro.

    I never actually saw a Ghibli movie until I had kids. Had no idea what I was missing!

  2. First was Princess Mononoke, and I’ve loved every one I’ve seen since!

  3. My Neighbor Totoro in an anime film studies class in college. Still my favorite.

  4. My first was Princess Mononoke, in a theatre in San Jose when it was released in theaters in the US. It blew my mind away with how great it was. We watch all the Ghibli movies regularly now with the kids, big winners are always Totoro and Spirited Away.

  5. Ok I cannot figure out how to enter a comment. I keep logging in and all it does is show me the question as my comment.

  6. totoro! on vhs, english dub. A Few years later obtained a japanese version dvd and have been hooked on ghibli movies since. My kids have seen totoro about a hundred times!

  7. Spirited Away, which didn’t leave the best first impression. I avoided Ghibli films for years, but watched Totoro for the first time last year and it completely turned things around!

  8. The first one I saw was My Neighbor Totoro. I was in 3rd grade and so taken I begged my parents to make me a totoro costume for Halloween! (they did, it was awesome!)

  9. the first studio ghilbi movie I ever saw was my neighbor totoro, it was still on vhs when i first saw it 🙂

  10. in the 1990s when I was little I remember going to the video rental store and seeing my neighbor totoro first, then i saw kiki’s delivery service another big favorite of mine. It was safe to say that every chance I got, I would ask my parents to rent totoro over and over again

  11. I know I’ve seen others but Ponyo was the first where I knew the studio name

  12. My college roommate watched Princess Mononoke over and over again by my favorite was Spirited Away

  13. My first Ghibli movie was The house Moving Castle and i loved it, couldn’t resist to watch the rest!

  14. The first Studio Ghibli film I saw was Spirited Away and it’s my favorite one!

  15. Animal crossing, Wooo! Man I haven’t played this since I had a DS lite I played this game with my wife and her niece and nephew when one eerie rainy evening the nephew was unattended by an adult he did the unthinkable. He erased our hard work and dedicated hours to start a new game, by the time I got to it.. It was too late hahaha he’s older now so hopefully we all learned our lesson haha I hope I win.

  16. Hey, all, I’ve notified all the winners via email, so please get back to me so we can get these out. Those lucky folks might want to check their spam filters if they didn’t get the emails.

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