My neighbor totoro, Howl's Moving Castle

Win This Studio Ghibli Prize Package!!

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My neighbor totoro, Howl's Moving Castle
The Studio Ghibli prize package!

In celebration of this week’s release of My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle on Blu-ray, GeekDad readers have a chance to win this exclusive prize pack, courtesy of Studio Ghibli and Disney.

The prize pack includes:

  • 1 Blu-ray Combo Pack of My Neighbor Totoro
  • 1 Blu-ray Combo Pack of Howl’s Moving Castle
  • 1 My Neighbor Totoro 7″ Plush
  • 1 Paperback Copy of Studio Ghibli: The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata
  • 1 Hardcover Copy of The Art of My Neighbor Totoro: A Film by Hayao Miyazaki
  • 1 $20 VISA Gift Card for Movie Snacks

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Good luck and happy viewing!

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137 thoughts on “Win This Studio Ghibli Prize Package!!

  1. My husband and I LOVE Studio Ghibli films! My neighbor Totoro is my favorite, but he prefers Spirited Away.

  2. I am a fantasy anime guy and a friend from work was saying TOotooorooo!! one night so I ask her and then she explained. She was shock because I didn’t know Totoro lol, so as it now I have to say Totoro is my favorite movie for me and my son.

  3. My introduction was to Princess Mononoke when it first hit the theaters, but since then I’ve watched them all. It’s too hard to pick a favorite, as they change with my mood. I’ve been slowly introducing my son to them though, first with Ponyo, then My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and most recently Howl’s Moving Castle and The Secret Life of Arrietty. I can’t to introduce him to the rest.

  4. By the way, we had to ask friends in Japan to send us Totoro stuff–she sent us puzzles, wash cloths (kids favorite) and other fun little stuff! didn’t used to be able to get stuff like this in the US. 🙂

  5. I’ve seen a few scenes from a few films – I really ought to do a full Studio Ghibli marathon. I have enjoyed all I’ve seen, though!

  6. Any Studio Ghibli Directed and or Writen by Hayao Miyazaki (Totoro, Howls, Spirited, etc.)

  7. This is me leaving a comment to qualify for the contest… but yes, My Neighbour Totoro was one of my kid’s favourite movies for a while but we have it on DVD… they would love this prize package.

  8. i love Howl’s Moving Castle because i love the Sophie and Howl; My Neighbour Totoro never gets old either

  9. I love Totoro, but the designs in Nausicaa are amazing. It’s hard to choose between the two… I guess I would have to choose Totoro since Nausicaa slightly predates the studio.

  10. Spirited Away is my favorite Ghibli film, but half of their output comprises the majority of my favorite animated films ever!

  11. Princess Mononoke was the first I saw, and I loved Spirited Away, but to be honest, I haven’t ever been disappointed. I haven’t yet seen Totoro, so I’m excited to have the chance to check that out!

  12. My favorite Studio Ghibli film is “Spirited Away” I watched with my daughter and it was first non Disney cartoon she got excited about. I lost count how many times we have watched the movie over the years.

  13. Nausciaa, even the butchered 80s version. Probably the first anime I ever got to watch. Totoro may be a close second, if only because it was the first movie we let our kids watch.

  14. My favorite studio ghibli film is Castle in the Sky. Though my daughter does have a Totoro kigu.

  15. is this how i enter? i think totoro is my first favorite, but i love castle in the sky. and everything else!

  16. My favorite all time movie from studio ghibli is Spirited Away, but the one movie that started my obssession was Totoro 🙂 awesome giveaway btw! 😀

  17. My favorite Studio Ghibli film… it’s such a hard decision to make. I love all of them very much, they’re as close to flawless as you can get. But if I had to choose a favorite it would probably have to be Princess Mononoke. The deep and touching themes it deals with really speak to me. It changed the way I view life and the human species. The message about accepting mankind and nature as well as sacrificing everything you have to protect the ones you love is just amazing and the feeling ti gives me is quite hard to explain in words. The characters are some of the most layered and complex I’ve ever seen in a film, animated or not. I guess you could say that about the entire movie, it’s one of the few that truly prove that animation can be philosophical art that has an important story to tell. It seperates itself from the same old retreaded formulas current childish animated fare seem to be following and stands out as a true masterpiece in cinema. Oh, and the score is possibly the most beautiful I’ve ever heard in a movie. I will never tire of watching Princess Mononoke.

  18. Kiki’s Delivery Service has to be my favorite Ghibli film. I’ve been watching that film every year for so many years now, I love it so much! Kiki really inspires me, because just like Kiki, I’m a girl about to head out on her own to an exciting new place as well! (Though thankfully i’m doing that at 20, not 14, haha!)

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