SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition

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SparkFun’s annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition is coming up in less than two months. I’ve been watching the competition, or results, online since their first year in 2009. It has been exciting to see how the robots have changed over time with faster, smarter, and flying autonomous vehicles necessitating more classes and bigger challenges.

This year the competition is split into 6 different classes ranging from student to aerial. I’m interested in the “Doping Class” where anything goes with robots costing $1k+ or 25 lbs or more.

If you’re near Boulder Colorado on June 8th, think about dropping in to watch some autonomous vehicles. You can expect to see some crazy crashes, drowned UAVs, and a fire or two. If you’re inclined to compete, check out the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition Robot Build Part 1 below.

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