Magnetic Audio Jacks and Drawing Robots and Virtual Reality, Oh My!

Electronics Featured Kickstarter

Aivvy Q: A galaxy of music in a pair of smart headphones
Keeps a local cache of music that it thinks you’ll like.

mDrawBot: 4-in-1 Drawing Robot
It’s like a Transformer with a creative streak.

Remix: A laptop experience on a big Android tablet.
Just launched. Three ex-Googlers customized Android to allow multiple windows.

MAGZET: The Audio Jack Reinvented with the Power of Magnets
Bringing the MagSafe idea to audio jacks, avoiding ear yankage.

Ares – Finally, a drone everyone can fly
Draw a flight path, pick a focal point and altitude, hit “launch” to capture video.

Widerun – The first full immersive VR biking experience
Makes your stationary bike feel less stationary.

Madeup: a Programming Language for 3D Models
A bit like Logo, but the output is ready for 3D printing.

Leoht – Wearable Tech Handbags Made Beautifully
Interior lighting, USB chargers, a secret compartment…

kSafe: Stay motivated. Achieve your goals.
This safe won’t let you have any cookies until you’ve gone to the gym.

BubbleSort: Computer Science Zines
Sharing computer-science ideas through fun stories, comics, and exercises.

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