Marvel Avengers Assemble Special Preview Sunday on Disney XD – With Exclusive Images!

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Avengers Assemble Iron Man

The new animated TV series Marvel Avengers Assemble doesn’t have its official premiere until July 7, but Disney XD is offering a treat this Memorial Day weekend with a one-hour special preview of the show. They’ve also been good enough to allow us to provide GeekDad readers with an exclusive look at two awesome images from the show’s art.

Marvel Avengers Assemble will feature the same team from the Joss Whedon-helmed 2012 blockbuster, with the addition of the Falcon. Sunday’s special, airing at 11:00am ET/PT, will feature two episodes of the show: first, “The Avengers Protocol: Pt. 1,” in which Captain America is apparently destroyed by Red Skull (spoiler: he isn’t really); second, “The Avengers Protocol: Pt. 2,” in which M.O.D.O.K. and Red Skull steal Iron Man’s armor, forcing the Avengers to put aside their differences to stop the evil duo from destroying New York City. Just think, if they’d had that happen in the movie, Agent Coulson might not have had to die… temporarily, anyway.

[Aside: It feels pretty terrific, and still a bit strange, to type “Joss Whedon-helmed” and “blockbuster” in the same sentence. And it makes this Firefly fan want, yet again, to go back in time and beat the 2002 Fox TV executives about the head and shoulders.]

Avengers Assemble - Capt America

It’ll be good to see if the new Avengers series, and the upcoming Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., can carry on with the same quality as Disney’s previous Marvel series. Set your DVR now for the preview episodes, Sunday, May 26 at 11:00am ET/PT, on Disney XD. If you should miss them, or you’d just like to have them on your iPad so your kids can watch them over and over again, both episodes will be available on iTunes starting Monday, May 27. Marvel Avengers Assemble‘s official premiere will be on Sunday, July 7 (also at 11:00am ET/PT).

Images copyright by, and courtesy of, Disney XD.

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