Geek Pride Day: The Cartoon

Geek Culture
(Cartoon by Ethan Gilsdorf)
(Cartoon by Ethan Gilsdorf)

Happy Geek Pride Day — again.

In honor of all things geek, and to follow up on the Geek Pride Day Survey which GeekDad is covering today, I give you the first in an occasional series of cartoons which celebrate geek culture. Most of these I think will be Venn diagrams. This one refers to the survey which stated geeks think they are funnier than they really are. “Seventy-¬≠four percent of self-described geeks say they think geeks are funny,” the survey said, “compared to only 53 percent of non-¬≠geeks.”

Perhaps a geek like me thinks this is more funny than really is; and non-geeks won’t find this as funny as geeks. But if you’re a geek, you will think this is more funny than it deserves to be. Because you’re a geek. Holy carp, you’ve just entered a Mobius strip/Escher staircase of humor. You cannot escape.

We at GeekDad hope you enjoy. Cheers! And please raise a glass of Mountain Dew to Geek Pride Day.

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