Ridemakerz Adds to Their Customizable RC Cars with a Mighty Iron Man Vehicle

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If there’s anything more enjoyable than driving an RC car down the hallway or around the driveway, it might be tinkering with the car and customizing it to your tastes. While customizing a high end RC vehicle can make a serious dent in your wallet, Ridemakerz brings RC customization to younger kids at a price that won’t break the bank.

With a half dozen models to choose from, kids can customize Corvettes, Mustangs or F-250s before driving them away. Now, Ridemakerz adds to their character line, which includes Lightning McQueen, Mater, Spider-Man, and Batman, with an Iron Man model.

Come into any of the four Ridemakerz stores and fans can use kid-friendly power tools to accessorize their car with different wheels, tires, lights, sounds, decals, and other accessories like spoilers or exhaust pipes. (Order online and your vehicle arrives already assembled, with a plastic wrench for switching out and upgrading parts.)

Ridemakerz claims there are a whopping 649 million different combinations you can create and with a slew of options including RC control and lights and sounds, and wheels featuring blinged-out dragons and flame-licked tires, the number’s not as far fetched as it first seems.

The Iron Man model that Ridemakerz sent me was a car that Tony Stark would be envious of: gold rims accent the car’s body and muscular chrome headers sit splitting the windshield, which forces a┬áresemblance to┬áIron Man’s eyes. I turned it on, aligned the front wheels with a multi-position switch to get it going straight and pushed the blue button on the hood. The car chirped like an alarm being disarmed before the ignition roared to life. Lights on the bumper and windshield blinked on and off and the car made screeching noises, as if it were roaring after The Mandarin. It was impressive.

Prices for the Iron Man Ridemakerz begins at $38 and goes up, based on options. The Iron Man Ridemakerz is available beginning today at stores and online.

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