Curiosity - only 50 layers to go!

Curiosity – Less Than 50 Layers to Go Before We Find Out #WhatsInsideTheCube

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Curiosity - less than 50 layers to go!
Curiosity – only 50 layers to go!

I thought this has gone on for six months, and if we don’t finish it soon it’ll just be, “Oh well that was another one of Peter Molyneux’s stupid things that never came to anything.”

So says Peter Molyneux, creator of some of the best videogames going and also the brain behind Curiosity – the app/social experiment that requires us to simply chip away at a giant cube until one player gets to the middle where they’ll win a big prize of some kind. A prize that we still don’t know anything about. Over the last six months we’ve seen all kind of things going on over the surface of this floating cube—marriage proposals, an obituary, recreations of the Mona Lisa and many more ‘lowbrow’ scribblings as well as photos of contributors to developer 22cans‘ next project, Godus. New tools have been added to help players chip away more ‘cubelets’ or help to draw more complex images, many of them only available for real-world money. In an interesting twist, you could also pay to have more cubelets added and prolong the game.

However, it seems like Molyneux has learned everything he wants to from the experiment and has started the countdown to the big reveal. The latest update to the app now displays how many layers there are to go and an estimate of how long is left based on the current tap rates. When I started writing this post there were 50 layers to go and a little over seven days until we find out what exactly is inside the cube. I’m a bit disappointed that it still seems so huge at this stage—I was excited by the idea that the layers would be tiny towards the end and the players would be fighting over simply finding the few cubelets left before the layer vanished, each one disappearing almost as quickly as the cubelets are now. Maybe they’re worried about the impact on their servers as everyone jumps back on board to try to win the prize.

But, as a great French/Scotsman once said, “There can be only one!”

Read the full interview with Peter Molyneux over on

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