This Week’s TableTop Tells of Giants, Talking Monsters, and Thermonuclear War in Once Upon a Time

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Do you like stories? Geek & Sundry’s TableTop has a good one this week as Wil sits down to play the storytelling game Once Upon a Time with guests Mike Phirman, Amy Berg, and Chris “Doc” Wyatt. The card game is a cooperative effort to tell a fairy tale like story. However, competition enters the plot as players attempt to outdo each other in getting rid of their cards, which represent story elements like people, objects, events, and fairy tale aspects (like planning, sleeping, robots(?!?), etc.).

If, during gameplay, the story mentions one of your cards, you can play it and become the storyteller. Get rid of all of your cards and steer the game’s story toward your ending card and you win the game. This episode of Once Upon a Time shows the creativity of this wonderfully inspired and inventive group. The episode is reminiscent of last season’s Fiasco and Gloom, in its funny and fantastic narrative. Can Wil spin his way to a win? Watch and find out!

Parental warning: There’s a little language in this episode.

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