Cryptozoic Launches MMO/TCG Kickstarter

Kickstarter Videogames

hex_logoCryptozoic — publishers of the World of Warcraft TCGThe Walking Dead board game and trading cards, and many other tabletop games and trading card sets — just launched its first Kickstarter for a new video game called HexThey call it an MMO/TCG, or a massively multiplayer online trading card game, combining elements of games like World of Warcraft and Magic: The Gathering. It seems like a natural match, yet no one’s attempted something like this on this scale yet.

At just shy of 10 minutes, the pitch video is long but funny and worth watching. It features company president (and head of creative) Cory Jones pulling stunt after stunt to prove he’s willing to do anything to reach the $300,000 funding goal for game. Two words put it right over the top: clown sniping.

If the video is any indication, the game is already fairly far along, and Cryptozoic has sunk a great deal of time and money into its development. Assuming it reaches its funding goal, it’s scheduled to be release for both the PC and the Mac in September of this year. Head over to Kickstarter and check out Hex.

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