The Lego Ideas Book Will Help You Unleash Your Creativity

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There seems to be an involuntary reaction when you are introduced to a pile of Lego bricks. You can’t help but pick them up and start clicking them together; this tactile experience is only enhanced by the creativity that you involuntarily show when building with bricks. Ask six people to build a simple car or spaceship and you’ll end up with six wonderfully different vehicles. The experience is truly remarkable.

But what to do when you have “brick-block,” that uncommon predicament of not knowing what to build? You can always turn to The Lego Ideas Book, a new selection from DK Publishing that features 200 pages of project ideas, building tips, and reviews of unique Lego bricks.

Sure, you can come up with some original ideas and be creative on your own, but sometimes it’s more fun to look at what someone else did and improve upon it. The Lego Ideas Book has nearly 100 different categories of objects, broken into a half dozen major groupings. There’s everything from farms and bridges to dragons and battering rams, with plenty of cleverly-built objects you may have never considered trying to shape out of bricks, like a duck pond or a bathtub. Plus, there are plenty of helpful tips that you can add to your repertoire and that will help you become a better builder. If you’re a Lego fanatic (or know one), The Lego Ideas Book is worth taking a look at.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a review copy of this book.

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