On the Matter of Bullying

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Album covers for SpinTunes rounds three and four. Images by Matt Schubbe.

If you’ve ever been bullied, or know a child who has been bullied or is being bullied, then On the Matter of Bullying (Part One) and On the Matter of Bullying (Part Two) by Edric Haleen are two songs that deserve your ear, and a share. Especially if, as result, you’ve had thoughts of suicide, or know someone who, as a result, is suicidal. Be warned: These songs are a possible trigger and may require loads of tissue.

On the Matter of Bullying (Part One) and On the Matter of Bullying (Part Two) were created for rounds three and four and Spintunes six.

Spintunes is a songwriting competition. Each round, the participants receive a challenge. These challenges are either topical, technical, or a mix of the two.

For Spintunes six, round three, the challenge was, “Write a protest song in which you try to convince your listeners about something you strongly believe.”

Edric Haleen decided to tackle a subject that has been receiving a lot of attention in the media in the last few years: bullying. He did this bravely and unapologetically; creating a song that resonated with many of the Spintunes listeners and participants.

For Spintunes six, round four, the challenge was, “Write a protest song about the same topic you picked in round [three].”

Edric was not only able to outdo the excellence achieved in his round three song, but he accomplished something that rarely happens. On the Matter of Bullying (Part Two) gutted me. I cried. No, I sobbed. It both opened up a lot of old wounds, while helping me to feel not alone with some of my past struggles.

At the end of On the Matter of Bullying (Part Two), Edric leaves a very important spoken-word message. This message needs to be heard, and shared, often. It may just save a life.

You can listen to On the Matter of Bullying (Part One) and On the Matter of Bullying (Part Two) below, and click through the links to read the lyric. Both are available as a free download when you download the entire album for Spintunes six round three, an Spintunes six round four.

Another warning: There is some NSFW language in both of these songs — it is brief, and purposeful — and these songs, especially the second one, are possible triggers.

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